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Help Save the Sonics

What is happening with the Seattle SuperSonics is a travesty .  Therefore, enterprising bloggers at SonicsCentral are looking for help from the rest of the NBA blog community.  Their request is that if you feel strongly about the hijacking of this team, to send an email to your own team's owner and let him know it - i.e. the NBA equivalent of letters to your congressmen.

After the jump you'll find the request from SonicsCentral and how to email Wyc.

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Dear Co-NBA Brother,

I'll start with this: I'm a Sonics fan. I realize, that on any given night, if your Celts are going head to head with my Supes, we are on opposite sides of the fence and wouldn't buy each other a beer. Today, however, I'm hoping that you'll be able to see beyond the court to the bigger picture.

As an NBA fan, I would imagine you've been following to some extent, what's happening up here in Seattle. We are in the midst of having our hearts ripped out by a deceitful ownership group trying to steal our team. A local ownership group has stepped up to the plate in an effort to save the team, and the community has rallied behind them. Despite the local momentum, much of how this all plays out will hinge on how the NBA Board of Governors will vote regarding the relocation bid. The vote is scheduled to take place in 2 days (April 17). Here's where you come in.

Get your blog readers to let your team's owner know that you do not support the relocation of the Sonics to Oklahoma City. Have them email him. Write him a letter. Call him. Let him know that all of you will boycott any game next season in which the Oklahoma City Sonics play, whether it be in your arena or on tv. As the administrator of your team's fan blog, you have a voice among your team's fan base. Mobilize them! You can do what we never could - we need you!

A warm-hearted Miami Heat fan who has gotten involved in the protest gave us the idea to reach out to other team's fan bases and had this to say on our blog: "Spread this idea around as much as you can. It's going to take the other teams to prevent this from happening. Let's save the Sonics!"

I implore you- if you feel like what is happening is wrong - if you aren't buying Clay Bennett and David Stern's lies and cover ups - if you don't want to see a precedent set where the NBA can rip 40+ years of tradition away from any community that doesn't bow it's knee in submission - then take action. The Board of Governor's meeting is in 2 days. We love our team as much as you love yours. If we don't stop this travesty from occurring, it could happen to any team or market. Please do your part and help us. It's the 11th hour, but it's not too late!

Our most sincere thanks.
Wyc has never been shy about giving out his email address.  If you feel strongly about this, please send him an email:  

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