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Foreshadowings of the Next Bulls Coach?

Word on the street (and, more importantly, in the press offices) is that John Paxson's list to fill what is likely to be a vacancy at head coach for the Bulls isn't going to be long.

Word is also that Rick Carlisle is going to be on that list.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson:

Rick Carlisle worked in Portland with John's brother, Jim, who serves as a Bulls consultant. Jim has stayed close with Carlisle, who also interviewed for the Bulls' coaching vacancy when then-general manager Jerry Krause hired Tim Floyd. Carlisle also is rumored to be a candidate for the expected vacancy in Milwaukee, so the Bulls might have to act fact if they desire to hire Carlisle.

Makes enough sense to me.  Relatively young coaches with .571 career winning percentages tend to not have to wait too long on the unemployment line.

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This is the type of news that could also be beneficial to the boys in green.  Also mentioned in the Johnson piece is Tom Thibodeau's name, and the Celts' assistant has been rumored in connection with the Bulls for several weeks now.  As Celts fans have come to learn, this guy's addition may have been as important as any outside Garnett and Allen to this team this season.  Just a brilliant and defensive mind and a guy who is bound to get a head coaching job sooner or later.

While I'm certainly wishing the best for Tommy T personally, we'd be remiss to act as though the Celtics wouldn't be far better off if those head coaching offers come later rather than sooner.  Carlisle could certainly play a role in that.

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