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Three Pointers - 4/17


The season is in the books.  Now the real fun begins.

  • Fun with numbers: Gilroy pointed out last night that the team won 57 games over the previous two years.  This year we won 66.  In the comments section, Casperian pointed out that the team only lost 16 games, which happens to be the number of games that we need to win to raise banner number 17.  66 wins is also the third best record in franchise history.  Not bad considering the history of this particular franchise.
  • One thing that I can't wait to see is how Kevin Garnett acts.  I mean, is he going to be the same hyper-intense competitor that we've seen since day one of training camp?  Or does he have a whole other level that we haven't even seen yet?  Is it possible he could get a little over-excited and need to be calmed down a little to play his game right?  If so, who signs up for that job?  I think he'll be fine but it is going to be a show.  Can't wait to see him play.
  • This will be the first playoff experience for Rondo and Powe (and Davis and Pruitt if they play) but everyone else has at least tasted the playoffs.  Pierce, Garnett, and Ray Allen have each made it to the Conference finals and Posey and Cassell each have rings.  This team will be ready.

I'm so excited I'm suffering from occasional random giggle fits.  It's great.

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