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Grading The Blogger Predictions

Over the last week we let bloggers look back on their preview articles and review their work.   Now Jason Gurney of BallHype was kind enough to put together a sortable chart of all the preseason predictions vs. each team's final record.

See all the results here. 

Of course most Celtics fans vastly underestimated how great this team would be.  On the other end of the spectrum are the Bulls and Heat fans that really overestimated their team's chances.  But Jason noticed another trend.

Interesting footnote: in the last two years, predictions in the range of 40-42 wins have been the kiss of death. Last year, 7 predictions came in at between 40 and 42 wins, and they overerstimated by an average of nearly 8 wins. This year was even worse—the 7 near-.500 predictions were off by a whopping 12 wins. Word to the wise: if you find yourself predicting a .500 record for your team next year, you may want to consider ratcheting down your expectations.

By the way, this is a good chance to tell you about BallHype's Playoffs Pick'em Contest. I just created a group just for CelticsBlog readers.   Feel free to join and compare scores with everyone else.

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