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Brief Insight On the State of Knicks Fans

With the utter peak of times for Knicks haters quite possibly having come and gone at this point (the termination of the Zeke Era seems sadly imminent), the time seems ripe for one more painfully enjoyable insight into the minds of the proud -- or peeved -- faithful who have stuck with this franchise through its darkest hour.

The star of today's show is my boy Anil, known for most of the last four years as Anil the Despondent Knick Fan, something I keep telling myself he's come to accept because it beats the alternative nickname of 'Nil.  Maybe he hasn't, but I digress.  The man left me the following message this week:

"Where is Billy King?  I want this done now."

It's that link on the word "this" that drives the message.

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The link in question would be to a four-team trade proposal devised by Anil on ESPN's wonderful Trade Machine.  In brief:

To New Orleans: Jared Jeffries, Eddy Curry

To Seattle: Jerome James, Malik Rose

To Cleveland: Zach Randolph

To New York: David West, Chris Paul, LeBron James, Morris Peterson, Yotam Halperin (who?), Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox, Damon Jones

I don't know what stuns me most: The amount of time that Anil had to put into this to make it work, the fact that he is so disgusted with the reality of his basketball team's current state that he was willing to take that sort of time or that this actually works under the salary cap restrictions.

Yep, I think that takes it folks.  That four of the game's most putrid players and one veteran role player (Rose) are actually being overpaid to the point that they could feasibly (economically speaking, not logically) net CP3, LBJ, David West and Kevin Durant -- and then some -- in return.  Incredible.

The Isiah Thomas Era: It's the gift that just keeps on giving. 

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