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Grande's Ready for the Playoffs

I already cannot wait for Sunday night.  Reading Sean Grande's latest From the Booth post got me even more excited for what may happen over the next two months. 

An excerpt:

There are fifty indelible KG images from this season, dropping down to hands and knees to play defense, popping his jersey to point at the word "Celtics" on the front, locking up Chris Bosh, and Dirk Nowitzki and dominating the Zach Randolphs and Charlie Villanuevas of the world until they simply didn't want to play anymore.

But my favorite? Taking over the Houston game in the 4th quarter Janaury 2nd, and watching Paul Pierce take a KG piggyback ride to the bench for the timeout.

I said on the air what I was thinking at the moment the captain jumped on Kevin Garnett's back.

Haven't we all.

But there was something to be extracted from the idea that it doesn't seem quite real yet. As I get ready to walk across the street to the Garden for Game 82 of what certainly has been one of the top ten 82-game team seasons in the six-decade existence of the NBA, as I think ahead to what's about to begin this weekend, it hit me.

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