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Late Three Pointers - 4/18

Getting these in just before today turns into tomorrow.

  • I don't know how many previews I've read about the Celtics and Hawks but I know that there's a ton that I haven't read and never will.  How much does this series really need to be broken down?  The Celtics will win because they are the better team.  Period.
  • So the bizzare keeps getting bizzarer in New York.  Zeke is finally out as coach, but not really out of the organization.  How the most unemployable person in basketball remains employed is truely a mystery that may never be solved.
  • I'm happy to hear about KG's rumored impending fatherhood.  And no, I'm not worried too much about sleep depravation.  He's got the kind of money to hire his wife all the help she needs.  Actually, with him being forced to miss a couple practices, his body might get getting a little extra rest that it needs.  Of course, he's probably doing laps around the hospital and challenging attendants to one on one with balled up gowns and laundry hampers.


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