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Redemption Spelled D-O-C?

Last week Empty the Bench wrote a post detailing why Doc Rivers deserved to win the Coach of the Year Award. I'm not sure he'll win it. But it is interesting to think about his legacy. Imagine if he had been fired at some point last season. Would he ever get another coaching job? He'd most likely be viewed as a failure that was better suited for television work. 66 wins later he has pulled his career winning percentage above .500, while perfectly managing the minutes of his stars and bringing the young talent along. He's done a fantastic job and I'm not just saying that because he said, "What's up guys?" to me and some friends at a Celtics game. Of course the critics will say Tom Thibodeau deserves the credit and Rivers will be exposed in the playoffs. Yet when it comes down to it Rivers, along with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett know how much is on the line. I'm expecting a repeat of the way they came out of the gates in November, determined to crush everyone in their path and exorcise the demons of past struggles. This could get epic.

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