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KG For MVP? Enough Already

I would vote for KG to be the MVP.  Most Celtics fans probably feel the same way.  Many non-Celtics fans are seeing things that way too.  But this topic has been debated to death in the last few weeks.  I'm tired of linking to stories about it, in particular when it is becoming more and more likely that it will go to either LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

Before I put this to rest (for me at least) - here are a few last ditch efforts by some to make the case for KG:

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TrueHoop quotes Wyc Grousbeck (on WEEI) on KG:

Players that KG is guarding are shooting 13.1% below the league average at their position. So he's guarding power forwards, and they're shooting 52% league-wide, or whatever it is. Guys that he's guarding are shooting 39% all year. That's just KG, one on one, against his man, when he's on the court.

LeBron's guys are shooting 2% below the league average for their position. Kobe's are 3% below. Chris Paul's are 4% below. And KG is keeping people 13% below. In other words, he's snuffing them out.

David DuPree of Sports Illustrated makes the case for Garnett:

Taking all of that in mind, I think Garnett is the NBA's MVP.

That in no way takes anything away from Bryant, James or Paul, but Garnett is perhaps the most singularly responsible for the Celtics' resurgence, guiding them to the league's best record and changing the culture and mind-set of the team and its belief in itself. His practice habits, unselfishness, leadership, intensity, focus and determination set him apart.

But Doc's feelings are the closest to mine in his reaction in today's Herald:

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has reached the point of nausea when asked to discuss Garnett - and by extension Paul Pierce - as a candidate for the MVP award.

Maybe the focus is all wrong. Considering the Celtics’ emergence as the best defensive team in the league, perhaps defensive player of the year is the honor that should carry Garnett’s name.

"I think it is that, for sure," Rivers said. "The change has been amazing. But I think he deserves a lot of recognition for that. Clearly, for me, the defensive award should be a given for him. There’s no debate with that one." . . .

I wholeheartedly agree.  If they don't want to give him the MVP, fine.  It would be nice, but it pales in comparison to the title of Champion.  Garnett already has an MVP award, he doesn't care about winning it again so neither do I.

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