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Daily Links 4/2

Herald   Sloppy C’s sidestep Bulls     
Animated discussion      
Powe fights hard for PT     
Globe   Celtics keep firing    
Bull's-eyes on their backs      
CelticsBlog   IC on Larry Legend     
LOY's Place   Celtics sweep Bulls,  Bull shoots back    
Comments from the other side - Bulls    Changes abound in MVP race    
Coach rankings       
Celtics knock off Bulls, stay 6 ahead of Detroit      
ESPN   Best players 23 and under      
Celtics 24/7     Sweep-a-Bull     
Red's Army   Atlanta in, New Jersey out       
Kane County Chronicle    Bulls blasted by Celtics    
Best in the West   NBA conspiracy theory       
Patriot Ledger   Pacers coach Jim O’Brien can’t catch a break    
Sporting News   Western Conference deserves all the awards     
Sun Times   Bulls get the star treatment     
Sports of Boston    Celtics edge closer to clinching East's top seed    
Daily Herald   Celtics on cruise control in win over Bulls  
Chicago Tribune   No Garnett MVP push from Rivers       
Boston Now   Celtics just do it     
Sports on My Mind   Searching unapologetically for Larry Bird     
FanHouse   Doc Rivers only believes in resting players when his team is tanking    
The Sports Network   O'Neal's return makes no difference for the Pacers     
Shoot the Messinger    No way to repeat    KG's transformation of the Celtics deserves MVP honor    
SLAM   No pre-playoff rest for the Celtics    
Green Bandwagon    Meet the Celtics again - PJ Brown    
Courtside View    Cassell willing to wait for his chance   
Shamrock Headband    The best game of the year     
Lex Nihil Novi    Rondo not hamstrung by Hornets        
Celtics cream-puff schedule cause for an asterisk?      
Garnett critic changes tune      
Metro   KG for MVP?  Not so fast      

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