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Wednesday Night DC Craziness

There was quite an event in the District of Columbia last night.

A return for the Hibachi, and a nearly glorious one at that.

A solid 17 points, and two critical free throws to put his team ahead by a point in the final minute.

Last-second injuries to both DeShawn Stevenson and Antawn Jamsion.

Recollections of how cool it was earlier this week when Arenas said he would be willing to take a pay cut this off-season so long as the Wiz retain Jamison.

A game that came down to the final seconds.

And the best part: That the man who won the game also made the unsung hustle play to set up his dagger.

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Ramon Sessions played his ninth career NBA game last night.  Chances are, it was a pretty awesome feeling for him to hit the game-winning jumper from the left corner at the buzzer.

For those watching at home, it was a pretty awesome feeling to see Sessions make the play that even gave the Bucks a chance.  With six seconds remaining and a one-point deficit, the Bucks lost a jump ball on their foul line.  The Wizards attempted to throw the ball up court and run out the clock, which all but worked.  Except for Sessions.  The neophyte Buck sprinted down the floor, grabbed the attempted lead pass and had the presence of mind to call for time with just one tick left on the clock.

Seconds later, his teammates were mobbing him.

Props to the hustler for making the so-called little play to set up the biggest play of all. 

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