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Daily Links 4/20

Herald   Celts get real, again      
Doc big on style change     
Five keys for the Celts     
Garnett back to work       
Finals pick is nothing odd     
The quiet man      
Spurs still outshine Suns    
Globe   Routine excellence is Allen's secret       
They were ready for job from Day 1      
Entering the age of reason    
Their situation is unsettling     
Quiet on home front    
Hard to match that '80s show     
Powe position   
MetroWest Daily   Meaningful games set to begin for C's    
CelticsBlog   Celtics Stuff Live:   Sunday 7-8:30      
A playoff game to set the standard for all others      
LOY's Place   A look at the Celtics first round opponent    
Random thoughts on Cavs/Wizards    
Celtics 17    Celtics relying on Rondo 
Hoopsworld   Series preview:  Celtics vs Hawks          
Seven showdowns to decide playoffs     
Perkisabeast   Wednesday's post game interviews    
Green Bandwagon    Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks:  Brief preview    
NY Post    Friendly fire       
SouthCoast Today    For the Celtics, contents hardly under pressure     
Doc's doubters little quieter now      
NY Daily News   Celtics-Lakers series should recapture glory days with Finals battle  
Worcester Telegram   C’s heavy favorites      
Journal Constitution   Hawks right to believe they can win    
Matchups edge goes to Boston         
Connecticut Post    Atlanta Hawks - in harm's way     
Concord Monitor   Atlanta just doesn't match up     
Reminder of C's past       
Bleacher Report    Boston Celtics return to glory     
Hoopsvibe    Expanded first round explanations     
M Live   Pistons, not Celtics or Cavs will take the East    
NY Times   Throwback finals may be only wishful thinking    Rondo's top 10 plays of the year          
BostonSportZ    Is this what playoff KG looks like?     
Red's Army   Can Rondo handle it?     
Just play ball       
Sports Illustrated   Round by round playoff picks      
Fox Sports   Who is the real team of destiny here?      
Bloomberg   Celtics favored to win NBA Championship, Vegas oddsmakers say      
ProJo   When the Celtics last ruled the NBA       
Rolling into the Playoffs      
Rivers has figured out the secret        
Welcome to the bandwagon      
Plain Dealer   West shines on both ends of the court    
Parquet Pride   Eastern conference preview     
Parquet Wishes    The only chance Atlanta has in giving the Celtics problems...     
Lex Nihil Novi   Doc makes reference to the infamous Indiana series     
Thanks to Doc, Danny and ownership    
Jordan a first round concern for 86 C's      
Patriot Ledger   Celts embark on next leg of road back to redemption    
Nashua Telegraph    Title # 17 on the way    

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