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Milwaukee Bucks Hire Scott Skiles

I'm watching the press conference as I type this. I'm not sure if the fact that Skiles was recently fired, slipped on the ice and bruised his head and is dealing with some bronchial issues as well should be viewed as a bad omen. On the bright side both he and the Bucks organization have nowhere to go but up. And ever since I criticized the Bill Belichick hiring because of his Cleveland Browns stint, only to see him turn the Patriots into perennial winners, I've looked at coaching differently. Skiles may have spent the last four months looking at what he liked about his time in Chicago (and previous stops) and what he did not like. And his commitment to defense and hustle are probably keepers. Some of the other stuff, maybe not. Although, for some reason I see this ending poorly for Charlie Villanueva. Only time will tell

In the meantime head over to Brew Hoop to get their take on it. And of course Blog a Bull. I don't think the healing has begun there yet.

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