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Three Pointers - 4/22

Some days there just isn't enough coffee in the world to get me going in the morning, but onward I trudge.

  • I don't think I could have scripted a better game 1, but now we have to wait again.  We've been waiting for the playoffs for so long, it is hard to have to wait so long between games.  I've read dozens of articles and have dozens more sitting in my RSS reader to be read at some point.  You think it is easy coming up with an original topic to write about every day when the saturation point has reached this level?  After a while it becomes white noise and all you want is for the next game to start.
  • On the other hand, there are positives too.  For one, our veterans can work their own balance of rest and practice, depending on what they need.  Right now I'm sure practice is primary for everyone not dealing with family issues.  The more a team sees you, the better they'll be able to counter your schemes.  So film time and drilling on elements you need to exploit is critical in the postseason.  Then, as the playoffs progress, more players will need some time off to heal bumps and bruises that come from playoff basketball.
  • The other positive is that it forces us fans to enjoy the ride a little more.  We are focused on the prize and perhaps a little worried that it might not happen this year.  If the Pats taught us anything, its that nothing is a sure thing.  Anything can happen.  Still, this is our best shot in many years.  This team is an absolute joy to watch.  You couldn't ask for a better team going into the playoffs this year.  Don't forget to pinch yourself every once in a while and realize that this is happening, right now.  It's really happening.

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