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Daily Links 4/22

Herald    Green Celtics soak it up      
Rajon Rondo schools one of his teachers      
James Posey’s not after awards       
Come playoffs, youth doesn’t serve Hawks      
Jazz put Rockets in a hole    
Cavs in control      
Globe   Rondo has learned well      
Honorable mention for Posey     
Rookie Horford spreads his wings     
Stars illuminate Celtics' Garden party       
MetroWest Daily    Posey a true 'hero' for Rivers    
CelticsBlog   Suspend Brendan     
Point, counterpoint      
Three  Pointers - 4/22
LOY's Place    Powe dunk and other Random thoughts      
ESPN   Isiah banned from talking to Knicks players     
Sunday conversations:  Celtics Big Three     
Full Court Press   Let's go to the tapes     
Lowell Sun  Celtics' Rondo loves the pressure    
Chronicle Telegram   Wally Szczerbiak finding form, fitting in    
Enterprise   Garnett thrilled to back in playoffs      
Journal Constitution    Boston's Powe pays the price for authoritative dunk    
Tale of two sports cities:  Beantown trumps Atlanta   
Patriot Ledger   Playoff newbies can't help but get overexcited      
Celtics coach Doc Rivers bullish on James Posey      
NBC Sports    Rondo an unlikely playoff star for the Celtics    
East Coast Bias   Good night and good luck Atlanta     
TWolves Blog   KG cast episode 1     
Poisonous Paragraphs   Believe in Boston    
The Signal   It's finally Kobe's time    
Capper's Mall   Lakers, Celtics favored to meet in NBA championship    
Celtics 17   Hawks plead no contest in the 2nd half    
Sporting News   The week that will be:survival of the fastest in the NBA   Kevin Garnett:  two teams, one goal     
Lex Nihil Novi   McHale, Big Al, and the Timberpuppies    
NBAI: National Basketball Association of Intensity      
We are all the Big Three     
Perkisabeast   Playoff game 1:  Post game interview   
Boston Daily   Notes on Celtics-Hawks game 1    
TrueHoop   Celtics vs Hawks  bullets    
Detroit News   Pistons already in need of excuses    
Metro    Game 2 looms for Celtics, Hawks
Eagle Tribune   Clearly on a mission,  Celtics manhandle Hawks in Game 1        
ProJo    Celtics subs are far from reserves      
Celtics games are more hoopla than hoop      

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