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Bibby Has A Big Mouth, Small Game

Mike Bibby, who was completely outplayed by Rajon Rondo on Saturday, has some harsh words for Celtics fans.  I'll let Mark Murphy summarize:

On a more incemndiary note, Hawks guard Mike Bibby took a surprising shot at Celtics fans this morning, calling them "fair weather fans" and noting that last season "they were all wearing bags over their heads."

Bibby, traded to Atlanta this season from his longtime home in Sacramento, obviously is still becoming aquainted with his own Phillips Arena crowd - not exactly known for its undying support over the years.

Kendrick Perkins, warming to that subject, said of the prospect of playing in front of a packed house in Atlanta, "It’s about time. It takes us to go down and pack out their house for them."

Hear the full interview here: (see Dickerson's shootaround podcast)

Where do I even start with this? 

  • Hate to break it to ya Bibster, but we've been here all along.
  • We were upset last year for good reason.  It's called passion.
  • At least we care.  As pointed out above, Atlanta doesn't even notice that you stink.
  • Hawks can't handle the Celtics, so they go after the fans.  Lame.

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