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Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks - Open Game Thread: Game 2

For tonight's open game thread I'm running an e-mail from LaRocque over at ROOMOFZEN. He can vouch for how poorly Bibby played on Sunday and for how passionate Celtics fans were last season. Good stuff. Go Celtics.
I went to ten games last season (including that double OT game) and I was always impressed with the feel of the crowd given the bad situation of the team.  I can remember being at the Knicks game the day after Thanksgiving (I think it was the second worst home loss in team history) and the Garden was still loud and everyone was chanting "fire Doc!" as far as the chant itself, it's to be expected in places like Boston and New York.  As for the fact that people were still in the arena and chanting even though they were watching one of the worst teams in the league being clobbered by another one of the worst teams in the league really says something.  I never remember seeing a fan with a bag on his head (although it is certainly a possibilty).  CERTAINLY, there are a lot of families in New England that might not have splurged on a trip to take their children to see the team last year and certainly there wasn't the same amount of excitement last year as their is now when we have a very legitimite chance to win a championship.  And, I think that would be true of any fans anywhere. 
Finally, I was at the game on Sunday night, and Bibby sucked.  In my mind, his body language during that game and all of his spoken words after the game can be translated directly like this: 
"I am really bitter that we made the playoffs because I don't care about being here and I should be at home right now relaxing and spending my money." - LaRocque

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