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Daily Links 4/23

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Herald   Celtics’ Rajon Rondo brimming with confidence     
Kevin Garnett pulls out stop       
Bibby targets Garden’s ‘fair-weather fans’     
Garnett earns ‘D’ award; Bibby stirs pot      
Knicks interested in Celtics assistant coach       
All's right for Dwight, Magic   
N.O. Way, Mavs    
Globe    Honor goes to Garnett          
This Hawk left the Celtic nest early      
Bibby takes some jabs at the fans      
Playoff intensity     
MetroWest Daily   Celtics: C's 'D' a credit to KG   KG Calls Defensive Player of the Year award a team effort 
Drive for 17    Dickerson at Hawks shoot around,  live chat during tonight's game    
CelticsBlog    Celtics Stuff Live pregame show tonight at 6 PM     
Postseason ball not fazing CP3        
LOY's Place    Random thoughts and game 2 preview     
ESPN    Where playoff memories happen     
What we've learned so far in the playoffs       
What 10 series would Sports Guy most like to see in the playoffs?      
Hoopsworld    Keys to game 2 ATL at BOS     
Amazing is happening      
Courtside View    KG is DPOY and Celtics respond to Bibby's attack    
Worcester Telegram    Bibby’s mouth louder than shot      
KG earns award for D      
ProJo   Celts credit Rivers for leading turnaround     
Garnett thanks teammates for superior defense      
Journal Constitution    Celtics following Doc's orders    
Hawks must hang tough early in game 2     
Celtics aren't going to let Johnson beat them       
Bibby wants redemption after poor outing in game 1      
Bibby cracks on Celtics fans     
Hawks Johnson recalls rookie year with Celtics       
Washington Post      No sanction for Haywood after hard foul      
Perkisabeast    KG wins the gold but Perk may be the reason     
NY Post    Bird:  Jackson a good fit for the Knicks      
Foul finish has Suns down    
SSNN (Satire)    KG apologizes to C's fans for uncharacteristic post season performance   
Detroit Free Press    Billups:  Game 2 not a must win       
Patriot Ledger   Bibby comments promise to make crowd even louder     
Red's Army     Rondo's better    
Connecticut Post   Celtics wrong sized and cross trained    
A Weekend of sports worth remembering       
Newsday   Thibodeau would give Jackson a run for Knicks job    Delonte West gets the best of Gilbert Arenas      
Legend of Cecilio Guante   Isiah to be paid 18M to fetch coffee for Walsh     
With Malice    Conclusions in confusion     
BostonSportZ   Get your Bibby face here        
The Sports Network   Wizards woke a sleeping giant        
AZ Central    NBA must end rash of flopping      
Sporting News     Just put Hawks, AI and TMac out of our misery       
Suffolk Voice   Kevin Garnett vs Kobe Bryant:  The MVP debate       
Lex Nihil Novi   Selected Jackie Mac and Peter May      
MVP!  MVP!   
Is Cassell the new House?      
Morning mix    Garnett:  Communication key to Celtics strong team defense    
Celtics 17   Pencil in KG for DPOY for 2009 and beyond  
NECN   For Garnett, defense is a team game         
Perkins:  Don't mess with Celtics fans      
Posted Sports    75% of non-morons think KG is NBA's defensive player     
Tufts Daily    Welcome to the jungle    
We Rite Goode   Rankings 7th man of the year (oh, and MVP too)      
LA Times   Stern's penalty system is all fouled up   
Shamrock Headband   KG gets another car   
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams     A Call to arms           

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