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Bob Ryan: The Tide Is Coming In

See, if Bob Ryan keeps writing articles like this, nobody is going to miss Peter May at all.

This team doesn't deal in tsunamis. This team makes you feel as if you're tied up on the beach and the tide is coming in and coming in and coming in, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. They get you with 6-2s, not 14-0s. They just keep making more stops than you, many more, in fact.

If you never looked at a scoreboard last night, you might have thought the Celtics were leading by 10 or 12, when, in fact, they were winning by 18 or 20. It's an amazing phenomenon, and it happens all the time.

Last night's victory was the 47th by 10 or more points this season. That's 47 wins out of 68 by 10-plus, and that is a simply amazing stat. But in most of them the vanquished foe came away thinking that if only we had done this or that at a particular time, we could have won the game.

I also enjoyed the part where he broke down the 3 things Doc thinks the team still needs to work on.  I grew up reading Bob Ryan in the Globe.  I know he's got other commitments all over the place, but I just wish he would write more about the Celtics.  That way we don't have to keep making fun of him for bemoaning the depth of the team back in August.

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