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Annnnnnddddddd We're Back

I had the realization today that I am addicted to Green Bandwagon. In a way it is a little unhealthy as yesterday's bouts with servers and any number of things I don't understand had a noticeable impact on my mood. I can't imagine how the guys at Bullets Forever are feeling right now. Their team was down 2-0 and went home to put an absolute beating on the Cavaliers, with tons of trash talking to boot. Say what you want about the Wizards but at least their approach is consistent. It's just not in them to mope around and worry about their situation. Instead they get haircuts, invite Soulja Boy to the game and oh yeah DeShawn Stevenson could not feel his face.

Matt Harpring is only 30? It seems like he has been around forever. And he's got a slight resemblance to Matt Damon, no? Am I losing my mind?

I enjoyed Lang Whitaker's live blog of Game 2 of the Celtics/Hawks series if only because it is good to see the other perspective. Granted I did not agree with a lot that Whitaker had to see, hence the beauty of reading it. However, he did touch a nerve with the following:

"In a way, Mike Bibby was right, because as great as these Celtics are, they aren’t the same as the Celts of old. Those teams — at least the teams in the ’80s when I was coming up and they were beating my Hawks like a drum — those teams were largely homegrown squads that weren’t just interested in winning one or two titles, they wanted to win a dozen rings. These Celts have nearly turned into the Pats and Red Sox, a bunch of highly paid guys brought together for a shot at a title, only to eventually retire and leave the franchise cupboard bare. I’m not hating (I would love it if the Hawks did the same thing), just pointing it out."

Last time I checked Dennis Johnson, Robert Parish and Bill Walton all played significant roles on Boston’s championship teams. And they were drafted by other franchises. Yes it was huge to trade for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and sign some quality vets – James Posey, Eddie House, Sam Cassell. But there is no denying the fact that Rajon Rondo, Leon Powe, Kendrick Perkins and even Glen Davis are all a part of this as well. Interestingly Rondo and company were acquired via draft day deals. But since they played their rookie year in Boston I’m counting them as homegrown. And Paul Pierce is a Celtic through and though. Yes there is a definite window on this Celtics team. But how is this squad any different than Jerry West giving Shaq a ton of money, trading for Kobe on draft day and then bringing in Rick Fox, Robert Horry and everybody else that helped that squad win? Rant over…now.

It's good to be back.

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