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"He doesn't know it's a damn show! He thinks it's a damn fight!" - Apollo Creed's trainer

So I'm watching game 3 of the 76ers/Pistons series and Philly is leading 80-59 as I type this. In fact points 77 and 78 were just scored by Andre Miller on a fast break in which he was flanked by 3 other sprinting 76ers. It was something to behold. More importantly how about the Rocky I parallels? Doesn't Detroit's collective arrogance match Creed's? I think that quote is perfect for this series. And what happens if Philly somehow pulls this series out? All of the sudden Orlando is downright giddy as Detroit is the one team that really seems to have its number. Only time will tell. That's it for now.

Interesting aside. Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace have 41 of those 59 points. Samuel Dalembert is blowing up!

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