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Larry Brown: Fickle

Here's a stunner: Larry Brown is about to be on the move again.

Or he'll be staying put and attempting to usurp Mo Cheeks' job.

One way or the other, the man wants to coach again.

As per a Sixers press release:

Philadelphia 76ers President and General Manager Ed Stefanski announced today that Executive Vice President Larry Brown has chosen to resign.

"It’s rare you’ll find a separation between an organization and an executive as amicable as the one the 76ers had with Larry Brown today," said Stefanski. "Larry was born to coach and this is something he and I talked about when I took the job here back in December, so it comes as no surprise to me. Working with Larry was always a pleasure and to watch him contribute with Maurice, his staff and the players was terrific

Yep, who woulda thunk it?

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If there are two qualities Larry Brown has in spades, they  would seem to be his ability to coach basketball effectively and his recent inability to remain employed in one place for too continuous a period.

Stefanski made it clear that there is nothing wrong with Brown leaving his position, but it certainly comes as no surprise.  How long he'll last at his next stop and where it will be is anyone's guess, but here's hoping it doesn't indeed come at the expense of the aforementioned Cheeks.  It would seem that Brown's resignation from his position with the franchise would move him further away from the Sixers' coaching job, and it would be nice for him to follow through on his promise not to undermine Cheeks in the City of Brotherly Love.

But Brown should land somewhere.  As poorly as his last coaching tenure went in the Big Apple, the man remains one of the greatest basketball minds alive, and there are no shortage of teams that he could improve in the year to come.  Not sure which of those teams will have coaching vacancies, but here's hoping that one of them finds room for Larry.  A good LB saga never hurts a basketball season. 

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