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(Yawn) Three Pointers - 4/25

Excuse me as I stiffle a yawn with this boring first round series.

  • Let's get this out of the way: I'm already tired of Bibby talk.  It was good fun to douse him with boos and chants in the last game, but that story is already stale and old.  He's clearly outmatched by Rondo and even Cassell.  The only reason the story got any run was because there were so few other plot lines in this series.
  • Don't get me wrong.  I'm happy that we're bored.  The alternative is much less desirable.  The more predictable and boring this series gets the better it will be for the favored boys in green.  The Wizards held serve last night and made a statement to the world that they will not go quietly into that dark night.  We don't want the Hawks to be making any noise here whatsoever.
  • If there's one story line to keep an eye on it is the physical play.  Paul limping to the locker room was a good reminder that anything can happen at any time.  As Gilroy puts it in his latest article: "While the Hawks do not present a true basketball threat to the Celtics, what they do present is a team full of angry, embarrassed, and frustrated NBA players ... and that is a recipe for disaster."

Let's just hope for more boring games and a quick conclusion to this round.

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