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Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks - Open Game Thread: Game 3

Tonight I'm looking for the Celtics to be more like the Spurs than the Hornets, Jazz, Cavs and Magic. Although ultimately I just don't want Boston to emulate Detroit. Thankfully the Celtics are an incredibly hungry team. That was definitely evident from game one of the regular season through December. It reappeared again on the Texas Triangle trip and the home rematches against New Orleans and Phoenix. However, Doc Rivers seemed to limit that killer instinct a bit by monitoring minutes and integrating Sam Cassell and P.J. Brown. Well Celtics right now, even with the new additions and the improved play of Rajon Rondo and Leon Powe, remind me more of the squad that jumped out to a 29-3 start. Long story short I see the Celtics pulling this one out.

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