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Daily Links 4/26

Herald    ’Nique can never forget       
Kendrick Perkins rugged style powers Celtics     
Pair’s added time on pine not sitting well       
Celtics look to dodge road kill vs. Atlanta  
Philly not full yet      
Globe    Pierce: recovered, rested, and ready     
Rivers had blast in past      
MetroWest Daily     Unknown blueprint    
CelticsBlog   Pistons missing the point        
LOY's Place   Why you never let up        
Hoopsworld   Marijuana in NBA spotlight      
Red's Army   This guy's not helping      
ProJo   Boston coach warns Celts about complacency     
Pierce on his health: ‘Pretty much 100 percent’     
SSNN (satire)    Pierce, Garnett auditioning new members for the big 3       
Washington Post     James:   Cavs not aggressive enough     
ESPN    Scouts Inc:  Hawks-Celtics Game 3    
Awards for Rajon the late bloomer and others      
Cuban will deal with Howard's admitted drug use internally       
Herald Tribune     Celtics trying not to be over confident     
Bleacher Report    Cavs have no chance in the playoffs:  Look again   
Herald Leader     Little brother vs Bibby blood          
Bob's New England Sports Blog    Celtics - getting inside      
Wicked Good Sports     Wicked Weekly       
   Celtics know being up 2-0 on the Hawks doesn't mean the series is over    
ABS-CBN   A shared legacy     
Knicks Blog    Jackson:  Pitino my favorite    
Journal Constitution     Celtics-Hawks:  A tale of two turnarounds        
Hawks to home crowd:  We need you       
Hawks wish they had bandwagon jumpers         
Feet in the Paint   Defending the offenders - the Modern NBA defensemen    
Courtside View   Getaway practice:  The captain is ok   
Lex Nihil Novi    Celtics-Lakers hatred interrupted     
They can score with anyone    
Collected thoughts:  Celtics - Lakers edition        
Leon Powe Fan Site    Leon displays the art of boxing out    
Worcester Telegram   Celtics out to avoid let down   
Patriot Ledger    Celtics expect Hawks to bring it at home
SBR Forum    Are Celtics and Lakers good bets on the road?   

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