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Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks - Open Game Thread: Game 4

Someone forwarded me a story today about how Atlanta will end Boston's drive for a title. I just don't see it. Instead I envision the Celtics coming up big this evening and driving a dagger through the Hawks' playoff hopes. Maybe that's just me. And I do think the Celtics have a lot more composure than The Blue Workhorse argues in the post I linked to above and quoted below:

"The increased level of physicality and verbal spewing being tossed back and forth is what I believe could ultimately lead to the Celtics demise this postseason. No, I don’t think the Hawks have uncovered some secret gameplan to beating Boston, but by Game 5 (or Game 6, if the Hawks win another game), I do envision there being some sort of altercation that could alter the remainder of the playoffs.

Despite all of his emotional outbursts, I don’t think it will be Garnett that is initially involved or Ray Allen, but Pierce, second year point man Rajon Rondo, or veteran Sam Cassell could each be potential key cogs that are lost for a number of games due to losing their temper.

Pierce was the target of the previously mentioned hard foul in Game 2, and he has been the target of some jawing, including Horford’s words in the above video. Rondo came close to getting a technical in Game 3 after receiving a offensive foul, and he has exchanged words with Bibby. Cassell is another emotional player with trash talking a common element of his repertoire.

Instigating the confrontation will likely be one of either Bibby or Smith because of their talking, Horford because of his antics, or big man Zaza Pachulia because of his constant bickering at officials and opposing players. The way this series is playing out one of these players is going to start something that could result in the suspension of players pertinent to Boston having a successful playoff run."

I really don't see Rajon Rondo getting thrown out. James Posey maybe. But that might be part of the reason he's here. Go Celtics.

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