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Daily Links 4/28

Herald   Celtics have no defense for losing to Hawks      
Celtics’ rookies playoff-tested    
Doc Rivers works toward a good mix       
For starters, Celtics must improve    
Prince, Pistons tie series     
James, West carry Cavaliers      
Globe   Hawks' Horford finding his voice     
Game wasn't a blockbuster     
After win, Hawks in no mood to turn down the volume     
Wake up call        
MetroWest Daily   Gorman digging team's swagger    
CelticsBlog     Contested three pointers      
On Horford, Pierce and macho posturing nonsense       
CelticsStuff Live tonight post game   
LOY's Place  Random thoughts 4/28       
Celtics 17    What's on the line for game 4 of Celtics -Hawks   
Hoopsworld   Keys to game 4 BOS at ATL        
Hedo Turkoglu wins most improved     
Red's Army   Ok Atlanta, dial 9-1 now. ..   
Full Court Press   Why Mike Bibby is a ginormous idiot     
SouthCoast Today   C's need return to sharing attitude       
Connecticut Post   Pierce popping from outside, Horford popping off    
Bleacher Report   Al Horford incites Pierce, Hawks will pay the price   
The Association   The list of coaching have-nots       
Detroit News   Stupid move by Hawks' Horford could be costly   
Washington Post   West sends his home city reeling    
Washington Times   Cavs edge Wizards to lead series 3-1    
Can I Have a Minute?   Celtics attendance numbers burst Bibby's bubble   
Beaneball    Al Horford courting trouble       
NBA Roundtable    The Celtics bench    
Our Endless Season  Atlanta defies the odds and wins a game     
ProJo  Seeing Flaws    
Canadian Press   Horford showing experience in series with Celtics   
Journal Constitution   Finger pointing (and other stuff)     
Boston scream party    
Respect the focus      
Hawks chided not to let up      
Courtside View   Hawks connect with roundhouse in unfilled house     
The Mighty Q   What was that???     
Lex Nihil Novi    Morning mix      
Celtics 2 Hawks 1      
Metro   Now it's a series    
Celtics get their turn       
Worcester Telegram   Give up?  Celts say they didn't     
Enterprise  Hawks, Horford stir it up      

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