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Destiny is on the Line...

Is Kevin Garnett available to take the call?

For starters I want to stress the fact that I’m not big on comparing sports to war. One of those can provide participants with lucrative contracts, groupies, fame, groupies and in general an exalted place in society. The other can lead to death. Big difference. I only broach it because of Kevin Garnett’s odd, yet strangely calm, discussion of his preparation for a Game 7 against the Kings several years back. And while the C’s are getting ready for a game five in a situation far less hostile than an actual war, there is no denying the fact that KG’s career is at a crossroads. He has never played for a better team. He has never had a better shot. I still believe he, along with the rest of the crew, will get it done. Go Celtics.


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