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60 Wins

I just finished watching the victory that made my 49 win prediction from back in October look absolutely ridiculous. 60 wins. That's a big deal. Boston hasn't won 60 regular season games since 1986. In fact the Celtics won 57 games over the last two seasons combined. And on top of all that they matched the NBA record for the best single-season turnaround ever. I don't have much else to say. I'm just enjoying the ride. Although, I am way overdue on a Leon Powe post. Did anyone see this coming? I've always appreciated his hustle and nose for the ball. But now he's staying out of foul trouble and proving to be a legitimate contributor to a 60 WIN TEAM. Unfortunately, based upon the last names of the Celtics, he won't be profiled until sometime around April 15th. That's it for now. Enjoy it Celtics fans.

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