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Trey Quick: Bron, Delonte and Hicag

So the Cavs blew a 17-point lead at home to the Bulls last night.  Not fun times for the Cavs, because blowing leads during a playoff chase isn't a good idea. Not fun times for the Bulls either, because, well, "fun times" and this Bulls season really just don't go hand-in-hand.  Three quick notes from the game's final moments:

  • One more example of how, as much as I liked him as a Celtic and was sad to see him go, Delonte West still has a long way to go in this league.   That phrase "never foul a jump shooter"?  Apparently doesn't apply with regard to Ben Gordon.  With the Cavs trailing 98-96 and inside of two minutes to play, D-West clobbered Gordon on a three.  Gordon sunk all three foul shots, and the Cavs didn't score again for the evening, en route to a 101-98 loss. Rough times for Redz.
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  • The latest sign of how incredible LeBron is: He goes one-on-five at the end of the game, and it's more stunning that he didn't score than it would have been if he did.  Somehow, he has failed on two last-second conversions over the past month (the other ended with a charge call drawn by Washington's DeShawn Stevenson), and we find this almost difficult to believe.  This guy gets the ball in the final seconds of a game, and the prevailing attitude is that the other team doesn't even have a chance.  It's a phenomenon that's truly scary to think about.  Especially when your team might play his in the postseason.
  • One more Bron note: He made a beautiful touch pass to Daniel Gibson to give Cleveland a great look at the basket at the buzzer.  The ball was inbounded to Bron roughly 35 feet from the bucket, where he met an immediate double team.  As soon as he saw the two defenders coming, he had the presence of mind to jump up and bat the ball to an open Gibson, leading to a wide open look that the young guard simply couldn't connect on.  The vision of LBJ amazes regardless.

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