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More on Kevin Garnett

I stumbled across an article by Jack McCallum in the Vault over at It was originally published just over five years ago (March 24, 2003) and it is a little eerie in the sense that Kevin Garnett was up against the same questions he faces now. However, this time he has more help.

I was hooked by the opening paragraph:

So many people have so many suggestions for Kevin Garnett that the multitalented Minnesota Timberwolves forward should consider developing a syndicated tell-me-what-to-do column. You should play shooting guard, Kevin, says sometime shooting guard Scottie Pippen. You need to be more selfish in games down the stretch, Kevin, opines legendary crunchtime quarterback Magic Johnson. You need to go inside and demand the ball, Kevin, asserts demanding observer Charles Barkley. You're making a big mistake if you don't play for your country at the 2004 Olympics, Kevin, scolds two-time gold medalist Karl Malone. - Jack McCallum

For the record I'd argue that of those four former NBA greats, only one is in a position to give KG advice. Pippen was a fantastic, underrated player. But he was never the alpha dog. And that's an understatement. Barkley and Malone only went so far. That leaves Magic who eventually was the man, but did benefit from playing with Kareem for a number of seasons. And you have to consider the fact that Magic is a bit of a blowhard these days. The big picture here is that KG is in a position to put all of this talk to rest. And you should definitely check out McCallum's article. If those 266 words don't entice you, follow that link to figure out what the hell Kevin McHale means by the following:

"Bastards come in pairs." - Kevin McHale

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