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Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks - Open Game Thread: Game 5

I had a little cameo on the Steve Mason Show along with Micah Hart of Hawks BasketBlog. This is only the second time I've done this type of thing and to be honest it is not that easy. I was impressed with both Hart and Mason. The latter really made it a painless experience. He's a professional and I enjoyed it even if Mason is positioning himself to co-anchor the Lakers' championship parade. Despite absolutely loathing my voice, battling a cold, speaking too fast at times and maybe stuttering, I will link to it if it shows up on the web. In the meantime I stand by my "Celtics in 6" prediction. Despite some serious red flags I'm staying the course and remaining optimistic.

Some Wishes for the Game:

More Leon Powe, No Glen Davis
More Rajon Rondo, Less to No Sam Cassell
More James Posey
A Healthy Paul Pierce
A Dominant Kevin Garnett
The Awesome Defense We've Come to Know and Love
Sharing the Ball on Offense

I'm going to close with a little Larry Bird audio. I know the situation is different. In fact the Celtics lost game 5 at home last time around. But I don't need a reason to reference Larry Bird on this blog. Believe that. And I'm picking Boston in 6. Take it Away Larry

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