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Daily Links 4/30

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Herald    Celtics face gag order     
Champs or chumps? Celtics’ fate comes into question     
Celtics must get back to regular-season ways     
Lack of ‘D’ stops Celtics      
Kevin Garnett avoids suspension     
Surprise! Hawks hanging around       
Globe   Supposedly unrivaled, they've simply unraveled      
Pierce's message still isn't clear     
Garnett, Perkins escape penalties      
Breakdown a team effort     
Rivers wants fuel injection      
MetroWest Daily   Celtics: Keeping cool      
CelticsBlog    CelticsStuff Live tonight with Eric Weiss      
A defining moment      
A tale of two floor generals in San Antone    
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Bonus edition    
Random thoughts 4/30      
Game preview Hawks at Celtics game 5   
Red's Army   Not dead yet       
Stern a gangbanger?   Maintain your mental toughness     
National Post   Stunned Celtics eager to ground Hawks  
SouthCoast Today    Poise before the prize        
Patriot Ledger    Celts ready to move forward      
Celtics happy to be out of Atlanta     
Hawks have ruffled the Celtics feathers      
Green Bandwagon     More on Kevin Garnett      
A funny thing happened on the way to the coronation      
Worcester Telegram    Celtics need to ground Hawks     
Courtside View   Strength in numbers at HealthPoint    
USA Today    Celtics point guard Rondo keeping the stars aligned    
Connecticut Post    What's up Doc?     
Celtics fans have reasons to worry       
Back Seat Drivers   Explaining my hatred of the 2007-08 Celtics
Armchair GM    Celtics problems in game 4 and beyond       
Fox Sports   Celtics, Hawks escape discipline for skirmish      
Our Endless Season      It is now a 3 game series        
Orlando Sentinel    As Pistons, Celtics struggle, finals no longer a reach for Magic   
Bleacher Report   Boston to win Celtics-Hawks series          
Cavalier Attitude    West is key in the East        
Sports Guy for Hire   All tied up in Beantown   
Hoopsworld    Back home, Celtics look to regroup          
Chicago Sun Times   Changing the game      
TrueHoop    Oh Atlanta!!       
Walker Sports    Celtics are feeling the pressure        
What's the Diff?   Pistons and Celtics - Dynasty reborn and rivalry renewed        
Caveman Considers   Considering the unthinkable        
ESPN   Bill Simmons Chat        
Full Court Press   The Boston Celtics:  Another team in search of its soul   
BostonSportZ    Taking a deep breath         
Parquet Wishes    It's better to get this out of our systems now?         
Reactions:   A game four collage     
Leon Powe Fan Site    Leon Powe is hurt     
ProJo    Celtics see their lack of defense as culprit           

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