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Game 5 Observations


First Half Notes: 

Great first half.  Nice way to take back the momentum.  This feels much better. (photo source)

  • At least at home watching, the "green out" isn't all that impressive.  The dark green colors just kind of fade into the background.  Maybe its just me.  Hopefully it is a better effect live.
  • Perk's mask didn't last long did it?
  • KG started off hot, looking for his shot and knocking down open jumpers.
  • Gotta hand it to the shot blockers on the Hawks that made life miserable for most Celtcs in the paint.
  • Rondo, on the other hand, took it right at them, like you have to.
  • It was great getting Joe Johnson into foul trouble early.
  • The streaky Cassell was hot in the 2nd quarter.  It's all good if the shots are falling.
  • Dear, Doc.  THAT is why you need to play Powe.  5 offensive rebounds, 7 points, and 2 big drawn offensive fouls (or as I like to call them, strategic flops).
  • On the downside Ray Allen looked surprisingly sloppy in the first half with some missed open looks and at least one bad turnover.  Redeemed himself with a late 3 though.  No worries here.
  • Thankfully Bibby has slipped back into his invisibility cloak.
  • Doc put in Tony.  And then Tony proceeded to airball a three and commit a dumb foul on a Joe Johnson three pointer.  Doc couldn't have justified himself any better if he planned it that way.
  • Pierce looks good with a very efficient 13 points on 6-11 shooting.
  • Nice momentum going into the half.

Second Half Notes:

  • Atlanta made a spirited run to start the second half.  We don't need them getting that kind of confidence again.
  • Thankfully the Celtics locked down the defense and put a stop to that.
  • Ray Allen, no surprise, got hot from outside.
  • Paul Pierce's three point play really energized the team and the crowd.
  • Two big three pointers by Posey pushed the lead right back up.
  • Then it was all about execution.  The Hawks just couldn't answer.
  • Nice to get a blowout win.
  • Let's put an end to this in Atlanta.

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