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One More Tale Of Two Former C's On One Putrid Team

The good times keep on rolling for the Miami Heat.

Well, not really.

They lost yet again last night in Washington to drop them to 13-63 on the season, with Shawn Marion and Dwyane Wade remaining in shutdown mode.

The fun part?  Along with the group of what Paul Pierce referred to as D-Leaguers that the Heat put out there were two former Celtic enigmas once more: Ricky Davis and Mark Blount.

It's hard to imagine most who watched them in Boston would be bummed about their differing levels of individual success last night.

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For Ricky, it was a banner night of efficacy from the field: 11-for-16 (including 9-of-12 from deep) for 33 points to go with 8 assists.  Can't imagine Ricky has had too many career eight-dime games.

Certainly, not too many of those dimes were going to Blount, who apparently only enjoys being a star on a terrible team if it happens to be a contract year for him.  That isn't the case in Miami right now.  So predictably enough, Blount went for 3 points on 1-or-6 shooting to go with 3 rebounds in nearly 30 minutes.  At least it's been made clear over the past couple of years that the Celtics were nowhere near being the only team this guy ever quit on.

What a mess.

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