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Celtics Links: 4/4/08

Boston Herald
Veteran team respects Rondo's point. Green Bandwagon Note - I've been wrong about so many things that I hope people remember how long I've been praising Rondo's game.
Oh baby, Pierce may sit out. Green Bandwagon Note - Is there something in the water down at the Waltham practice facility?
Legends come to 4 in C's poll. Green Bandwagon Note - What no Dino Radja?
Boston Globe
Cassell, Brown trying to fit in.
Video: Tale of two seasons.
Loy's Place
The Bulls hate James Posey. Green Bandwagon Note - I haven't even touched the whole Posey/Benny the Bull t-shirt incident because I didn't entirely believe it was real. I still don't know what to say about it. Although I do think that Bulls fans would be better off booing their own players at this point.
The Wages of Wins Journal
Missing the obvious on KG. Green Bandwagon Note - A lot of Celtics fans worried about the minutes of Garnett, Allen and Pierce at the beginning of the season. Well Doc Rivers has done a masterful job resting them. Doesn't he deserve some credit?
Chicago Sun Times
Benny The Bull wrongly accused by Celtics. Green Bandwagon Note - This deserves its own post.
Strictly business.
Parquet Pride
An ode to Tony Allen.
The Sports Beat
Some names for the Celts to think about.
Can Danny
Cats. Green Bandwagon Note - You know a franchise has had a big turn around when a blog created loosely around the idea that the president of basketball operations should be fired starts analyzing other teams.
Lex Nihil Novi
Garnett is king. Long live the king.

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