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The Celtics Are Good

It seems like every couple of days we get a reminder of how good the Celtics are. Be it the victories over Western Conference powers, the sick points differential, the rare double digit losses, and on and on. But tonight was different. Going into another team's gym without Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and blowing said team out is a major statement, even if it is Charlotte and Gerald Wallace it out. I'm still a little surprised by how it all went down. Consider the fact that no Celtic has a negative +/- and no Bobcat had a positive. That should not happen. And yes Scalabrine was +12. By the way I do not buy the claims that Scal is another coach on the bench. Doc Rives, Tom Thibodeau and company are not looking for the red head to balance out the staff. I believe this strongly, particularly after watching his actions up close during that loss to Philly. Where was I? Oh yeah, the Celtics won again, clinched the top spot in the East and only have 6 regular season games left. I'd like to see them stay healthy and dominate Washington. Otherwise bring on Atlanta or whomever.

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