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A Befuddling Nightcap in San Antonio

I'm still not exactly sure what happened in the second of last night's NCAA National Semifinal games.

The final score was 84-66 in favor of Kansas over North Carolina, but for anyone who didn't catch it, the game was a lot closer than the score would indicate.  Or maybe it wasn't.  I'm really not sure.

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At some point in the first half of this game, the Jayhawks led the Tar Heels by a count of 40-12.  That's ugly.  Really ugly.  Especially considering that these were supposed to be two of the nation's top four teams.

At some point in the second half of this game, the Tar Heels had come almost all the way back -- far enough to cut the KU lead to 54-50.  That isn't ugly at all.  It's pretty cool, actually.

At some other point between the aforementioned points, Billy Packer exclaimed, "This over!", Columbia Missourian reporter Bill Powell started reminiscing about his pregame habits from his high school volleyball days, and I started completely mailing this one in as far as being an attentive observer was concerned.

The next thing we knew, just as we were starting to get excited about the Heels getting back in the game, they were out of it once more.

March Madness it is, indeed.

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