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Where Are They Now? Brown/Green

It is nice to hear that Kedrick Brown is working his way back to the NBA.  He's got a slim chance of ever living up to the hype and expectations the Boston faithful put on him.  I remember being so enamored with his jumping ability that I would make excuses for the fact that he looked completely lost and downright scared out on the court.  In my head I figured anyone that could jump like that and shoot the 3 pointer would eventually find himself a role on the team.  He was even touted as an above average defender.  What could go wrong?

Of course you know the rest of the story.  He gained weight, got traded, and dropped out of the league.  He's now become the cautionary tale that keeps rookies (like Gabe Pruitt) from slacking off in drills and long stints in the D-League.  The really sad thing is that it seems like Gerald Green is following a similar path.  After years of glowing words from the Celtics management it was jarring to hear such non-interest when he became available as a free agent.  Not that I can blame them.  Reports indicate that the kid just doesn't work hard enough.

Gerald is still young and he hasn't let weight get out of control, so he'll get another shot somewhere.  Here's hoping he learns from his experience quicker than Kedrick did.  Both of them captured the imagination of Celtics fans once upon a time.  Both of them got a taste of the dream.  I hope for their sake that they can find their way back to the league and live that dream again.

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