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Daily Links 4/6

Herald   C’s can do as they please     
Doc orders stars to rest     
Kedrick eyes his biggest rebound      
Walsh has a Knick knack      
Globe   Celtics shine without stars       
Pruitt returns from D-League      
The races are too close to call      
MetroWest Daily   The man in charge         
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Bobcats    
Celtics clinch home court       
ESPN   No Big 3 but Celtics still clinch top seed            
Red's Army   The all 1 million and under team       
Charlotte Observer   Celtics crush Bobcats, clinch home court   
Connecticut Post     Celtics:  One for the history books    
LA Times    There are 2 beasts in NBA's East        
Deseret Morning News   MVP:  4 qualified candidates but only one piece of hardware    
Salt Lake Tribune   Don't forget Garnett      
LJ World   Celtics' goals involve a title      
Palm Beach Post   Despite recent criticism Riley likely headed to Hall     
Morning Journal   Cavs faltering down the stretch     
The Mighty Q    Exhibition season II is here    Celtics' Big Three rests vs Bobcats        
Teams getting most and least bang for the buck      
Hoopsworld   Scoreboard watching unhealthy       
Sports Network    Celtics rout Bobcats to clinch top seed in the East     
Gaston Gazette   No stars, no problem for Celtics in Charlotte    
Bleacher Report   Celtics drop exclamation point on storybook season      
Lex Nihil Novi    Red's first five seasons in Green      
Red tried to get Wilt       
1986 C's beat Nets, improve to 61-13      
A question about Kendrick     
Wicked Good Sports     The playoffs       
Leon Powe Fan Site   Leon and the Celtics make history      
Enterprise   Celtics turn around will be one for the record books       

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