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Three Pointers - 4/8

The players are supposed to take games one at a time and focus on the team in front of them.  Fans, however, can look right on ahead. 

  • I'm not sure how many games it will take to beat the Hawks, but I'm already looking to see who we might get in the 2nd round.   If the current matchups hold, I think we'll get the winner of the 4-5 series.  Right now the Cavs are in the 4 spot and the Wizards, Sixers, and Raps all have a chance for the 5th spot.  Hard to imagine LeBron letting his team lose to any of those teams, so we might as well start gearing up for a showdown in round 2 with King James.
  • Of course after that it almost has to be the Pistons.  They are the other power team and they will be geared up to prove that last year's loss was a fluke.  I question how they will be able to "turn it on" after coasting during the regular season.  But then again if "coasting" gets you 55 wins they must be doing something right.  They are a great team, but I think we are greater.
  • Then there's the Finals, and who knows who will come out of the West?  I'm just like everyone in that I want to see the Lakers and slay the Mamba.  Just don't count out the Hornets or the Jazz simply because they haven't been there before.  I don't think the Suns or Mavs have what it takes, so the big gambles they made this season may have been for naught.  And not to sound like every single NBA analyst or anything, but you can't count out the Spurs.  My mini prediction: The Hornets - They just don't back down from anyone.

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