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Meet the Celtics Again: Kevin Garnett

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Player: Kevin Garnett
Strengths Athleticism, ability to guard several positions, defensive awareness, non-stop motor, soft touch on offense, range extends to just inside the three point arc and prefers to shoot from deep, defending the pick and roll, running the pick and roll, excellent passer, team player, leadership, focused on winning a championship, intensity, rarely in foul trouble.
Weaknesses: The knock is that he disappears at the end of big games. Critics argue that he is too willing to pass the ball (they don't care if the man is open) rather than destroy the other team's will to live. He's tall but not massive and thus you don't want him defending bigger post players. Finally, until KG wins the big one some will argue that his non-stop intensity eventually wears him down.
Go to Move: Just as I was surprised by how often Ray Allen gets to the rim when he is feeling healthy I was a little caught off guard by how much of a jump shooter KG is. Although of late he has been driving into the lane and finishing with one hand turn around shots. Very hard to defend. Still his favorite move is a Hakeem Olajuwon like shake/turn around from the baseline.
What a Difference a Year Makes: KG's Timberwolves went 32-50 last season as he led the team in points and rebounds and Ricky Davis led the way in assists. It goes without saying that this season has been special and a far cry from his frustration filled 2007 campaign.
Shining Moment This Season: There was the huge block of Gilbert Arenas on opening night. Or the time he stole the ball from Sebastian Telfair to hold off Minnesota. Then there were the 30 points he dropped in the rematch against Phoenix. His huge second half at home against the Rockets where Paul Pierce actually jumped on his back deserves mention. And I've championed his levitation block against Andres Nocioni. But when push comes to shove I have to go with the time he chose to punish all of Houston. Check out that random woman's reaction in addition to Pierce's unbridled giddiness. How about another angle? No problem. Goodbye 22 game win streak.
If not in Boston which NBA team would make the most sense?: Pretty much any team that has a good supporting cast. However, for a number of reasons Golden State is appealing. I can't even imagine how crazy that would be. I don't think the Warriors would be better than the Celtics are right now, because they would not. It's just that a KG, Stephen Jackson, Baron Davis and whoever is left team would be outrageously entertaining.
Random Point of Information: Shammond Williams of Georgia fame is KG's cousin. Seriously read that article. I really wish they'd explain how one goes about getting citizenship in Georgia. It appears to be quite easy.
Contract Situation: KG is signed through 2012 and his contract runs out when he is 36. At that point he would have played 17 seasons in the league. I'm not even sure how he'll be able to walk. On the bright side the C's current player development and contract situation would leave one to believe KG will be playing with good players for the next couple of seasons.

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