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Daily Links 5/1

Herald     Garden party for Celtics      
Sam Cassell’s time to shine    
Paul Pierce’s big night speaks volumes     
Big Papi’s a big fan of Hawks’ Horford    
Celtics make it look simple     
Joe Johnson: ‘It ain’t over yet'      
’Nique thankful for help      
Leon Powe plays a big role     
Wizards get back at Cavs       
Paul Pierce issues statement on gesture     
Pierce: Gesture wasn’t gang sign      
Menino let his fingers do the mumbling      
Globe   Safe at home        
How did we get here?     
Bench once again provides a deep threat    
Pierce tries his hand at issuing a statement     
Hawks' old habits return     
No hitting rookie wall for Horford     
In this job, there's no such thing as security    
Various posts from Globe Celtics blog
MetroWest Daily    Celtics 110, Hawks 85: Back on track      
C's avoid ignominy   Post Ups Notebook - live game blog       
Despite Rough Series, Pierce Responds in Game 5      
CelticsBlog   Big Celts win evokes personal reaction    
League and networks drop the ball      
Game 5 observations       
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Hawks Game 5  
Celtics take 3-2 lead with 110-85 win       
Celtics 17   Celtics git-r-done against Hawks  Celtics trounce Hawks for convincing 3-2 lead        
Celtics-Hawks playoff blog       
ESPN    Basketball world returns to normal     
TrueHoop    Celtics vs Hawks thoughts  
Hoopsworld    Start of the game  Atlanta at Boston      
Hawks find laundry list of mistakes         
Full Court Press    Boston wins the war of Northern aggression in game 5     
Beantown Sports Guys   Celtics regain series control 3-2   
Worcester Telegram   Halfway there      
Big Papi is big fan of Horford      
Return to normalcy      
Pierce: Gesture misinterpreted        
Sports of Boston   Celtics get back on track, lead series 3-2    
Four point play    
WEEI     Danny Ainge on The Big Show  Segment 1     
Danny Ainge  on the Big Show Segment 2      
Tommy Heinsohn on the Big Show    
Enterprise    Pierce denies using gang signs in Game 3      
Bench plays key role in C's win      
Celtics right at home to go up on Hawks    
X's and O's of Basketball   Ray Allen drags the arc to gain line of sight       
Bleacher Report    NBA refs have money on the Hawks, Celtics win anyway    
Journal Constitution    Boston blasts Hawks, regains control of series     
Do the Hawks believe in themselves?      
Bibby's struggles return in game 5 loss    
What we learned in game 5 of playoffs       
Hawks think Horford got hosed      
Live Feed   I looooove Leon        
Boston Blood Sox   Celtics 110, Hawks + Refs 85      
ProJo  Playoff failure weighs heavy on coaches, says Rivers   
Celtics insist they haven't given up on Cassell       
Celtics soar at home and ground Hawks      
Familiar surroundings put bounce back in Celtics' step     
Hawks seem to only fly down South   A few losses to the Hawks could be just what the Celtics needed     
Fast breaks:  Celtics - Hawks    
Fox Sports   Celtics get back to business in Boston      
Courtside View   Game 5 pregame from the Garden      
Shamrock Headband   Breathe      
Boston SportZ   Boston finally wins 110-85      
Green Bandwagon   Kevin Garnett strikes back:  Celtics 110, Hawks 85     
Leon Powe Fan Site   Celtics get back on track as Leon shines      
Metro   C's back on top       
SouthCoast Today    Boston in total control... Again


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