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Celtics Links: 5/10/08

Wicked Good Sports
Headed to Cleveland.
Parquet Pride
What They're Saying in Cleveland.
Has the NBA Gone Soft? Green Bandwagon Note - Sam Cassell does have a point when he talks about Michael Jordan taking a beating. The "Jordan Rules" were really just about the Pistons hitting MJ early and often. At the same time I'd hate to see a series decided because someone was injured. As much as I champion Kevin McHale taking down Kurt Rambis I'd be furious if Marvin Williams hurt Rajon Rondo.
Guarded Optimism. Green Bandwagon Note - I did not know Rondo and Daniel Gibson have history.
Bleacher Report
From possible disaster to Blessing.
SF Gate
Celtics' Powe rises to challenge again. Green Bandwagon Note - The Powe info is brief. Still Powe is awesome.
Inside Indiana
Report: Rivers to enroll at Indiana. Green Bandwagon Note - Intriguing. I knew he was leaving Georgetown.
Perk is a Beast
Post Game Interviews
Red's Army
Hostile Environment. Green Bandwagon Note - Check this out for the link to Bill Plaschke's over the top/reactionary article on Pau Gasol.
Loy's Place
We've been here before and so have they.
The open road.
Boston Globe
Posey keeps ticket requests all in the family.
Celtics must find a way to win when they're awayGreen Bandwagon Note - The way Posey handles ticket requests in the definition of a veteran move.
Ball is in their court.
Boston Herald
Wallace doubtful for Game 3.
Ready to remodel.
James hopes home is where his shot is.
On defensive end, true kings hold their court.

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