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Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: Open Game Thread - Game 3

As the Cavaliers look to regroup at home Brian Windhorst offers a blueprint to get the offense back on track. You should definitely read his plan, which essentially boils down to the following: Go with what worked against Detroit last year. And even with the eerie similarities between LeBron's first two games then and now and Boston's struggles on the road in Round 1, I still feel good about this one.

Last night I heard something along the lines of, "No team has ever come back and won a series after going down 3-0. I'm not sure if that's true but it sounds reasonable. Now I'm not one to buy NBA conspiracy theories or referees intentionally trying to favor one team. But the Cavaliers will be at home. LeBron has shot 23 free throws so far and I wouldn't be surprised if he approached that number tonight. I'm just saying.

It bothers me that the Celtics won 66 games in the regular season and have done what it takes so far, particularly in Game 2, and yet everything is about LeBron. I'm probably guilty of this as well (see poll below). So I want to turn things around and touch upon Kevin Garnett's brilliance. He was even good in game one when seemingly everyone struggled. I'll leave you with the highlights from Game 2. Pay attention to the play around the 51 second mark where two Celtics hit the deck and KG ends up dunking. Just awesome.


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