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Pack It In, Orlando

It certainly appears that the Detroit Pistons are on their way to a sixth straight trip to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Orlando Magic had their chance to make their battle with Detroit a series, and they blew it at home late Saturday afternoon.

Or maybe the Pistons took it from them. 

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Orlando's opponent was without its starting point guard, who just happens to be considered the lynchpin to that team's success.

An eleven-point half-time lead.  Squandered in the third.

Chances to put the game away and tie up the series in the fourth.  Left by the wayside.

A no-show game for Dwight Howard: 3-for-12 shooting, 8 points and 12 boards in 44 minutes.  A great effort by Detroit's interior defense.

A bust-out game for Rip Hamilton: 32 points on 12-of-24 shooting.

A huge shot for Tay Prince.

And a Magic team that was once more forced to ask Hedo Turkoglu for too much of a superhuman effort down the stretch.

The Magic will be headed back to Orlando after Game 5 in Detroit on Tuesday.  Here's guessing the Pistons will not be. 

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