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Jameer Nelson Is a Seer

Or so he seems to think.

We said in this space yesterday that while the Magic will be returning to Orlando after Game 5 in Detroit on Tuesday, the Pistons likely will not be.

According to Jameer Nelson, such is not the case.

As reported by ESPN:

"We're going to make some adjustments and we're going to win this game," Nelson said after Orlando's 90-89 loss on Saturday. "I'm not being arrogant or cocky or anything like that. I think [Saturday] we let it slip out of our hands. Game 2 we let it slip out of our hands. We're going to win this game in Detroit."

Seems questionable at best.

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Nelson has been his usual average self throughout this series, and he went for a wonderfully earth-shattering 15 points and 6 assists on 6-for-14 shooting in Game 4 against Rodney Stuckey while Detroit leader Chauncey Billups was sidelined with a sore hamstring.

As Nelson notes, the Magic lost that game.

The Pistons have homecourt back in Game 5 for sure.  They may have Billups back, too.  And they certainly seemed to have their swagger back at the end of a 90-89 victory on Saturday.

I continue to not understand the need for popping off like this. 

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