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Panic Time?

Reasons to panic:

  • If we barely took care of the Hawks, the Cavs will be a tougher out.
  • Each road loss puts a lot more pressure to get home wins.
  • The Celtics really, really wanted to win last night, ...and didn't.
  • They aren't doing so hot in close fourth quarters so far this postseason.
  • They're settling for too many outside shots.
  • Some of the rotations were head scratchers last night.
  • Nobody's really sure that Doc can handle this.
  • We're daring the other team's non-stars to beat us, and they are.
  • There are 3 all-world players on this team and none stepped up in the 4th.
  • I'm sure there's more...

Reasons NOT to panic:

  • Home sweet home court.
  • Yes, I still believe we are the better team until I'm proven wrong.
  • Aside from the first quarter of game 3, the defense has been either good or great.
  • Rondo, even on off nights, still does a lot of things right.  He's learning a lot.
  • Ray Allen's shot is starting to come around.
  • Paul Pierce seems about due for a big game.  (...any time now Paul)
  • Kevin Garnett is still Kevin Garnett.
  • The Bench is about due to step up, and they are more comfortable at home.
  • None of the other teams in the playoffs are having an easy time of it.
Panic if you like, but this one is far from over.  The better team usually wins in a 7 game series.  We have 3 more games to figure out which team that is.  My heart and head still say it is the Celtics.

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