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Rondo Leads The Way

Huge game by our point guard.  Player of the game.

  • Rondo's line: 20 pts., 13 ast., 2 blk, 2 stl., 1 turnover - wow
  • Credit Doc for seeing that Cassell was ineffective and sticking with Rondo the rest of the way.
  • I guess it wasn't time for House to get his shot, but when Rondo's rolling like that, you can't go away from him. 
  • Huge game for Pierce - he took it to the basket and got the looks he needs to be getting.
  • Garnett got us back into it after an early fast start by the Cavs led by LeBron.
  • Really looked like James was going to have one of "those" games, but a quiet 3rd quarter held him back.
  • Gotta hand it to Delonte, he never gave up and kept the pressure on down to the last minutes.
  • Big Baby was a great sub and provided us a nice boost of energy off the bench.
  • Ray finally started driving past Wally, which opened up some looks.
  • Did I mention how huge Rondo was?
  • The give and go Pierce dunk was the play of the game.
  • Whatever adjustments Doc and the staff made at halftime worked.
  • The shortened rotation was a good move.
  • The Celtics finally found their rhythm on offense with better ball movement than I've seen in a while.
  • Mike & Donny to call game 6.  Bring them some Boston love from us guys.
  • The sloppy end of the game was nerve racking, but hitting free throws always helps.
  • Everything begins and ends with the team defense.  Well done all around.

I really, really want this over in 6.  On the road.  Let's end this thing.

Update: Great point by Gilroy in the postgame show.  If you had told us that the turning point of the game would be two straight three pointers by Rondo, we wouldn't have believed it.  Nice job Rajon.

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