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Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: - Game 6: Knee Jerk Reactions

Go to this old Bill Simmons article, scroll down to "Question: What was the most disturbing subplot of the season" and check out what he said about Dick Bavetta. It's intriguing. I'll leave it at that.

Doc Rivers looked great when he played Glen Davis Wednesday night. Not so much tonight. It's hard to give Rivers credit one game and blame him the next. Regardless Davis did stay out there too long in the 4th.

Boston's final offensive possession was beyond awful.

I understand trying to go for the steal with 23 seconds left. But how realistic is that? Why not force the Cavs to win it on the line and conserve some clock as well?

LeBron James is an excellent basketball player. He does a lot of great things on the court. However, the over the top praise for everything he does is grating after a while. Is it necessary to go on about his presence of mind to call a timeout instead of getting a 5 second violation? That's something guys pick up by high school.

Hey Rajon Rondo, what's going on right now?

Delonte West's burst of good play and Wally Szczerbiak's deep three down the stretch were tough to take.

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